TMA-G – Gas Metal Atomizer

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TOPCAST produces a family of gas-atomizers in a closed-coupled nozzle configuration designed to produce metal powders in spherical and regular shape. They find applications in many fields like industrial, chemical, electronics and Additive Manufacturing with SLM (Selective Laser Melting) or EBM (Electron Beam Melting) technics.
A gas-atomizer equipment complexity and related cost are very sensitive to the target alloy compositions.
The basic and simplest gas-atomizer configuration is the one used in the model TMA20g and TMA40g
In front of a limited investment budget, they present some limitations on the list of alloys they can produce, namely Au, Ag, Cu, Bi and Sn alloys.
In case there is interest in producing Aluminium powders, an increase of complexity is needed, and the plant has to be built compliant with ATEX regulations.
This implies that the vacuum performance, leak-back rate, valves, filters and many other parts of the plant must be improved to meet demanding safety regulations.
These plant modifications generate the atomizer model T- VIGA with higher features and higher price respect to the model TMAg.
Thanks to these improved features, T-VIGA configuration allows also to produce stainless steel, Ni-based or MoCrCo powders, just to mention few examples.
On the other hand, if Refractory or Reactive metal powder, like Titanium, needs to be produced, we have to leave the T-VIGA configuration because of the ceramic and oxygen pick-up from the crucible and introducing the T-EIGA system.
T-EIGA uses a rod as a feed-stock with calibrated diameter and length, that is gradually fed into an induction coil at a controlled speed for metal melting and liquid dropping into the atomization chamber where the stream will impact the high-pressure gas coming from the close-coupled nozzle.
This way, there won’t be contact zone between Titanium and any crucible, and the purity of the powder will meet the best standards. Also in this case, the T-EIGA atomizer for Titanium alloys must be conceived compliant with ATEX regulations.
It is finally possible to build a wide alloys range gas-atomizer, by assembling the T-VIGA and T-EIGA in a twin configuration, in which both share the same atomization tower, pipes, cyclone, heat-exchanger, filters and suction unit.
This complete configuration gives access to all the main alloys we can imagine for industrial, medical, automotive and aerospace applications.

Technical data - examples of plant models - other configurations available on request

  TMA20g TMA40g T-VIGA-4.5 T-EIGA50-1000
Crucible working capacity  7,5 kg Bronze
9 kg Silver
17 kg Gold
35 kg Bronze
50 kg Silver
22 kg Steel
12 kg Aluminium
feedstock dimensions:
Ø50 x 1000 mm
Atomizing gas Nitrogen or Argon
Crucible volume 1500 cc 7000 cc 4500 cc @ Steel
7000 cc @ Al
Induction power 20 kW 40 kW 60 kW 60 kW
Atomizer Composition Vacuum Melting Chamber, Vacuum Pump, Induction Unit, Atomization Chamber, Piping, Cyclone, Heat-Exchanger, Suction Unit, Exhaust
Particle Size Adjustable according to customer specifications
Max. temperature 1550 °C 1550 °C 1750 °C 2500 °C
Process time 30 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes 15 minutes
Autotest with data report Provided Provided Provided Provided
Monitoring system for data acquisition Provided Provided Provided Provided
Vacuum leakage detector Provided Provided Provided Provided
Oxygen Analyzer Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request
Remote assistance Provided Provided Provided Provided
Main alloys Au, Ag, Cu, Sn, Bi and their alloys Al, Steel and Ni-based alloys Reactive (Ti) and Refractory alloys

Provided Provided - Available on request Available on request

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