FCC – Rotary Burnout and De-waxing Oven

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The FCC is a series rotating electric furnaces built with low thermal inertia material and able to reach high temperatures with a precise and homogenized temperature profile.
They are used in various thermal processes like sintering and mold firing as in lost wax process. They also include the step for melting and removing wax or resin models embedded in the casting molds. In this case a post-combustor is also available for fumes treatment before exhaust.
The furnace is evenly heated by electrical resistors and insulated by a special ceramic material with low thermal inertia and high thermal resistance.
Maintenance is easy. Insulation panels and heating elements are easily replaceable, while a steel basin is available at the lower level to collected the molten wax.
For temperature homogenization these furnaces are equipped with a revolving single or double rack plate.
A dedicated valve to increase air ventilation during wax or resin burning is provided and located directly in the exhaust pipe.
Muffle cooling is rapid thanks to the absence of refractory bricks and can optionally be further shortened with an optional fast-cooling kit.
As an option, the loading door can be opened pneumatically via a foot switch.
An easy-to-use cycle programmer is provided to set different temperature step programs, while it is also possible to store and recall the sector index of the rotating rack where each mold has been placed.
The user interface is compatible with Industry 4.0 requirements and a monitoring system is included to record process variables and generate thermal cycles reports.

Technical Specification

Power 8 kW 11 kW 14 kW 16 kW 18 kW
Max Temp 950°C 950°C 950°C 950°C 950°C
Industry 4.0 / remote interface included included included included included
Rack dimension mm 430 550 650 750 840
Max flask height mm 400 400 400 400 400
Capacity (plain flask Ø100 mm) - single rack 11 15 28 37 42
Capacity (plain flask Ø100 mm) - double rack - 30 55 - -

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