GIFA 2019 International Foundry Trade Fair


We will attend the GIFA 14th International Foundry Trade Fair with WFO Technical Forum, to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 25/06/2019 to 29/06/2019. Come visiting us at Hall 10, Booth G27.  GIFA is the most important trade fair for foundry technology in the world. Facts & figures 2015: 942 exhibitors, more than 48.783 visitors, 54% from other countires.  

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Metal Gas Atomizer TMA-G


Watch the new video of our Gas Atomizers TMA-G. TMA-G is a family of gas atomizers designed to produce metal powders of rounded and regular shape, to be used in many industrial, chemical, electronics and rapid prototyping application (additive manufacturing) as SLM (Selective Laser Melting) and EBM (Electron Beam Melting). Please refer to > Metal Atomizer >>...

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Manufacturing gold and silver ingots with an automated melter Topcast TIP12


In this video you can see the manufacturing process of making gold ingots by a Topcast TIP12 Ingot Production Furnace. 1. The process starts with the insertion of the precious alloy into the mold put on a precision scale. 2. The mold is inserted into the furnace. 3. The alloy charge is heated and melt into the mold by induction. 4. The ingot solidifies in a protective...

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TCC - Topcast introduces the new Vacuum Continuous Casting machines!


Topcast is pleased to introduce  the new TCC Vacuum Casting Machines. The TCC casting machines have been designed with the most up-to-date technologies to give you semi-finished products of the highest quality and in the shortest time. With just one machine, you will be able to get the semi-finished product you desire, such as wires, plates or pipes. All TCC models...

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New Topcast headquarters!


Visit our new headquarters in Via Leopoldo di Toscana 9, 52048 Monte San Savino (Italy)

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Making gold and silver grains under protective atmosphere with a Topcast TVC-XL-G


Topcast TVC-XL-G furnaces are used to produce high quality metal grains in a protective atmosphere of Argon or Nitrogen. Process begins with the loading of the precious metal in the crucible; then you can see the display showing process variables. Then the charge is melted by induction heating. Then the shutter is raised and metal is poured into...

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Vacuum melting of Titanium


In this video you can follow the process of titanium melting and pouring using a Topcast TVM Vacuum Melting Furnace. The process starts with the charge of titanium alloy bars into the crucible and the insertion of a copper mould into chamber. Titanium is heated and melt into the crucible by induction. Then the crucible is rotated by means of a remote control and the...

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Casting gold jewelry with a Topcast TVC vacuum casting machine


The embedded video shows the process of casting of gold jewellery by means of a double-chamber vacuum melter Topcast TVC12. This class of vacuum casting machines allow to cast any precious or nonferrous alloy with fine details. You may see the loading and the melting of the gold alloy into the crucible, the loading of the flask mould from the burnout / preheating...

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Vacuum casting a turbocharger in Titanium Aluminide


In this video you may follow the manufacturing of a TiAl alloy turbocharger with a Topcast TCE12-Ti Centrifugal Vacuum Casting Machine. The process starts with the insertion of the refractory mould into the spin casting machine, then you may have a look at the monitoring system showing the process variables. Then the alloy charge is heated and melt into the crucible...

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Production of 100 kg silver grains with an induction furnace Topcast


The induction furnaces with tilting crucible Topcast model TMF-G can be used to produce large volumes of precious metal shot. In this video, silver is melted in the tilting crucible; then the molten metal is poured into a perforated tundish, protected by reducing flame. After the casting step in the water, the grains of silver are easily removed (thanks to...

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Introducing the new TVC3d double chamber table-top vacuum casting machine


Topcast is proud to introduce the new TVC3d, double-chamber, tabletop casting machine working under vacuum.  Flexible performances on gold in all karats, silver, brass and bronze Stone-in-wax casting 3D printed resin direct casting Filigree and very difficult design casting with fantastic results achieved in easy way and consistently. Totally user-friendly....

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ATOM-FI: Development of a metallic alloy atomizer for the intelligent factory


The general objective of the project is to study and realize a new type of powder metal atomization machine with some innovative features. The machine is designed according to an innovative double chamber system. This system provides many advantages over the traditional gravity casting system: the melting chamber and the process chamber are completely independent and,...

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Casting Magnesium alloys under inert atmosphere with a Topcast TVC-XL


In this video you may follow the casting process of Magnesium alloy with a Topcast TVC-XL Vacuum Casting Machine. The process cycle starts with the insertion of the metal charge into the crucible and of the refractory mould into the mold chamber; then you may have a look at the monitoring system showing the process variables. Then the alloy charge is heated and melt...

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