TCE - Centrifugal Casting

TCE are consistent, robust and easy to use vacuum centrifugal vacuum casting machines designed for small and medium casting laboratories. They can be manufactured in Class A or Class B.
TCE in Class B are particularly suited for Platinum, Palladium and Steel while TCE in Class A has been especially designed to cast Titanium, Inconel, superalloys and other reactive metals. All models can also melt nonferrous and precious metals.
The main difference between TCE in Class A and TCE in Class B is the degree of vacuum, leak-back rate and ppm of oxygen that are admitted during the process, that makes the TCE in Class A the best solution for casting Titanium-based alloys and intermetallic alloys.
Also the choice of the vacuum pumps station and the induction power generator is different and it is chosen to get the maximum result in Titanium cast parts. Hence, TCE machines conceived in Class A are suitable for fields that require high quality control and low interstitial pick-up on the cast parts, like Aerospace, Medical and Automotive.
TCE in Class B can instead be used where the price of the machines is an important factor and where no reactive metals are involved.

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