Vacuum Melting & Casting

Ferrous Metals

Vacuum investment casting is the process used in lost-wax technique to get a metal replica from wax or resin patterns.
The pattern is designed and then built in wax or resin by different equipment as CNC, 3D printers, by means of wax injection in a mould, or even manually.
You may use either investment molds or metal permanent molds.
Furnaces or complete foundries setup for the casting of Steel, Fe and Nickel-based alloys can be supplied for any application.

For rapid prototyping of parts in steel, nickel alloys used for example in the aerospace, automotive and medical, TOPCAST offers:
  • TVC-XL vacuum casting machines (dual chamber system) to get detailed and porosity-free surfaces;
  • TCE furnaces vacuum centrifugal casting for high high metal yelds, thin and large surfaces, difficult and detailed parts;
  • TVM - Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (VIM) pouring by gravity, either from a cold crucible (skull melting) per pristine meltings, or hot crucible when you need overheating and high energy efficiency;
  • FCC furnaces for wax / resin removal and refractory mould baking.
TOPCAST also provides installation and commissioning on site.

Induction Melting

Ferrous Metals

TOPCAST induction furnaces can be used for melting ferrous metals (steel, cast iron).
The smaller models are with manual extraction of the crucible, the larger ones are tilting crucible.
Are also available closed chamber furnaces for alloys that require melting under vacuum or in a protective atmosphere.
TOPCAST’s induction furnaces design uses the latest and most advanced IGBTs modules available worldwide.
IGBT-based proprietary design, high-performance induction generator is equipped with soft-switching and frequency automatic tracking technology.

Powders / Atomizer

Ferrous Metals

For ferrous metals powder production, TOPCAST has developed water and gas Atomizing Furnaces, complete with cyclone filtering system and dryer for a key in hands solution.



Ferrous Metals

For ferrous metals recovery, alloy homogenization and scraps melting, TOPCAST proposes its wide line of Medium Frequency Induction Melting furnace starting from 5 kW to 500 kW.

Joystick assisted crucible tilting mechanism are provided with both, electro-mechanical or hydraulics control.

Assay & Test

Ferrous Metals

For ferrous metal assaying TOPCAST proposes a specific vacuum centrifugal casting machine for XRF analysis sample preparation.
Small melting furnaces with manual extraction of the crucible are also available for the homogenization of steel samples coming from a scrap batch.
The resulting ingot may be analyzed by XRF equipment.

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