Vacuum Melting & Casting

Precious Metals

Vacuum investment casting is the process used in lost-wax technique to get a metal replica from wax or resin patterns.
The pattern is designed and then built in wax or resin by different equipment as CNC, 3D printers, by means of wax injection in a mould, or even manually.
You may use either investment molds or metal permanent molds.
Furnaces or complete foundries setup for casting of Au, Ag, Pt or Pd alloys can be supplied for any application, including vacuum melting into permanent molds.

In detail, TOPCAST offers:
  • TVC Vacuum casting machines (dual chamber system) to get detailed and porosity-free surfaces;
  • TCE Centrifugal vacuum casting machines for high performance levels of the metal, thin and large surfaces, difficult and detailed parts;
  • TVM Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (VIM) pouring by gravity, to pour large ingots of Platinum and PGM alloys with reduced porosity;
  • FCC Burnout furnaces for wax / resin removal and refractory mould baking.
TOPCAST also provides installation and commissioning on site.


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