Vacuum Melting & Casting

Non Ferrous Metals

Vacuum investment casting is the process used in lost-wax technique to replicate in metal a wax or resin pattern.
The shape is designed and then built in wax or resin by different equipment as CNC, 3D printers, by means of wax injection in a mould, or even manually. You may use either investment molds or metal permanent molds.
Furnaces or complete foundries setup for any casting application of magnesium, alumunium, bronze and brass .

For rapid prototyping of parts in aluminum, bronze, brass, magnesium, used for example in the aerospace, automotive and medical, TOPCAST may offer:
  • TVC-XL vacuum casting machines (dual chamber system) for particular jointed and free of porosity;
  • TCE centrifugal vacuum casting machines for high performance levels of the metal, thin and large surfaces, difficult and detailed parts;
  • FCC burnout furnaces for wax / resin removal and refractory mould baking.
TOPCAST also provides installation and commissioning on site.

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