Casting Magnesium alloys under inert atmosphere with a Topcast TVC-XL


In this video you may follow the casting process of Magnesium alloy with a Topcast TVC-XL Vacuum Casting Machine.

The process cycle starts with the insertion of the metal charge into the crucible and of the refractory mould into the mold chamber; then you may have a look at the monitoring system showing the process variables.
Then the alloy charge is heated and melt into the crucible by induction. Suddenly the stopper is raised and the liquid metal is injected in the mould.
Gas pressure compresses the metal during the solidification phase to reduce shrinkage porosity.
After the solidification phase, the flask cools down in a protective atmosphere to avoid oxidation. A blinking lamp signals the operator that the cycle has ended, the mould can be removed and broken.
The resulting casted tree is ready for the thermal treatment.