Topcast is a company specialized in vacuum induction furnaces design and manufacturing.

Competences developed in casting and powder technology, thermal processes, induction heating and power electronics set TOPCAST as an ideal partner for standard and custom applications.

A group of qualified engineers and designers, constantly updated and oriented to the research of enhanced technical solutions, grants a product range definitely at the state of the art, like:
VIM, Gas & Water Atomizers for Metal Powders, Vacuum Casting Furnaces, Vacuum Continuous Casting Machines, Metal Granulators and general purpose Induction Furnaces.

Product versatility to meet different production needs, quality design, post-sales assistance and technical consultancy to satisfy particular needs make TOPCAST the best company to count on in a global competition scenery.

GIFA 2023 International Foundry Trade Fair

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Oxygen Free Alloying Granulation Plant

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Open Air Induction Furnaces for Refining

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