Introducing the new TVC3d double chamber table-top vacuum casting machine


Topcast is proud to introduce the new TVC3d, double-chamber, tabletop casting machine working under vacuum. 
  • Flexible performances on gold in all karats, silver, brass and bronze
  • Stone-in-wax casting
  • 3D printed resin direct casting
  • Filigree and very difficult design casting with fantastic results achieved in easy way and consistently.
Totally user-friendly. Just press START button and get what you want.

All TVCd family machines work with a new, revolutionary double chamber concept. This innovative system gives several advantages compared with the traditional single chamber suction system currently available in the market.

Like for the other Topcast double chamber vacuum casting machines, in TVC3d melting chamber and flask chamber are completely indipendent: at the moment of casting the machine can control the metal injection into the mold by applying a differential pressure during pouring. This yields to a faster injection compared to the simply gravity pouring with the benefit to cast items at lower temperature. This will result in better surface finishing of the cast parts.

For more information please have a look at this page


TVC3d Product Data Sheet